Flipping Over

Beca leads some friends on an acid trip that may be her last.

“That’s so funny. They think it’s real, it’s not real — I didn’t really call 911 awwww my little figments of my imagination, you’re so cute.”

Fairweather Enlightenment

Neal grapples with the grief of losing his life savings in a bad real estate investment.

“You talked about getting a guide for a bad acid trip. Well I’m trying to be my own guide, because this feels often – like a bad acid trip… where this has all gone.”


Besides A Bullet

Part 4 in the series on film projectionists. Personalities collide as two Scotts encounter a third in an IMAX projection booth.

“Over and over again, I sat and watched this guy – eat these chicken mcnuggets… and I said I have got to stop fucking doing this to myself.”


The Liquid Silver Tongue

Part 3 in the series on film projectionists. Scott gets fired from his local theater and lands a gig working the drive-in circuit, Joe explains what a “brain wrap” is, and Mike gives a dose of reality to Harvey Weinstein.

“He said something like ‘I’m going to give you the option to keep your dignity and just quit.'”


Pandora’s Box Opened

Part 2 in the series on film projectionists. Mike takes us inside the booth at the BAM Rose Cinema.

“You know when they went into the booth they found three spots basically. Two projectors and one, what was… the projectionist.”


Tomorrow There’s More Movies

Part 1 in the series on film projectionists. A teenaged Scott takes a job at the Central Theater in Geneseo, IL, Joe has a profound realization as a projectionist at the IFC Center.

“I collected frames from everything, I cut frames out of Star Wars, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Tron, Road Warrior, comedy films, anything with tits…”


Good Mistress

Manana starts working as a dominatrix. Insomnia, ghosts and chastity belts ensue.

“I was so nervous, I did not know – I’d seen a penis like once, before that.”



This Conversation Is Over

Dustin gets kicked out of his apartment and moves across the street, culminating in a 4th of July rife with sexual frustration.

“No one likes to talk to a drunken person when you’re sober. Not to mention one that just tried to hump your leg.”


Over The Rainbow

Scott makes a three day pilgrimage to the Canadian border to reunite with his estranged wife.

“This is the night my heart’s gonna stop. This is it, I’m not going to be around much longer – what am I gonna do?”